This is modern arena rock music, pick the best pieces from rock history, blend it with toplines that makes Max Martin lift one or even two eyebrows, all put together by musicians that let every instrument live and add magic to the music. Then you got, Seventh Crystal.

“This is not a band that copies the formula from 30 years ago, they re-invent it with new music that touches the listeners soul…”

What once started as a solo project for Kristian Fyhr (Vocals), soon grew up to be a trio. Johan Älvsång (Keys) joined in after having tried an organ he was interested in buying from Kristian. Later Kristian called Olof Gadd (Bass) and asked him to form and join a band. Songs were written, re-written and recorded, and after a long night of discussions a name appeared: Seventh Crystal.

They recorded some acoustic songs together with Anton Roos (Drums), Emil Dornerus (Guitar) and Magnus Mild (Guitar). And then it happened, one of the songs “So Beautiful” landed in the laps of Frontiers Records. They were asked to sign a long term, exclusive contract. From here Anton and Emil joined in and were fully members. Seventh Crystal was now a contracted band.

“Combining modernity and respect for traditions, Seventh Crystals Delirium is square, sounding pure, and melodically remarkable.”

“There was actually no direct conversation about where they were headed musically. It just happened.” And not long after the contract was signed, the album DELIRIUM came out for the world to encounter. It was spinning on every continent – and was very well welcomed. 

“…one of the best albums from Frontiers this year…”

Gustav Linde took up the guitar to join the band when recording the “Seventh Crystal Live at NSL”. The songs became a little more guitar based, but still kept the core that Seventh Crystal is famous for: “Musicians with the same chemistry have found each other here and you can hear that in every song.”

2023 will be packed with surprises from us in Seventh Crystal.

We all welcome you to WONDERLAND.




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