Gothenburg based Seventh Crystal deliver an exciting combination of the scandinavian melancholic sound combined with strong toplines and classical rock influences.

Seventh Crystal started out as a solo project by vocalist Kristian Fyhr to find an outlet for stories that needed to be told. The intention was to record and produce an EP by himself, but after laying down some of the tracks Kristian realised that the music demanded more respect and musicians Through selling an old Hammond organ, Kristian came in contact with Johan Älvsång. Naturally, the topic of music surfaced and the foundation of the band was laid as Johan’s friend Olof Gadd joined the two. A small buzz was already starting to build around the band and their future release. Anton Roos and Emil Dornerus were supposed to be hired as session musicians, but when they came on and added their magic to the songs, the band was finally complete. At the same time, the band was approached by legendary record company Frontiers Music, and a deal was made.

The EP was upgraded to a full length album and the songs were finalized and re-recorded. The band’s musical identity became clearer as each of the members brought their unique take to the songs. With backgrounds in music ranging from the styles of Toto to Behemoth, all of the members were united in the fact that good music will always be good – no matter the genre. This is why we can hear a common thread in the songs, no matter whether they be an instrumental ballad, a melodic hard rock tune the songs are there to move the audience and carry a story we all can relate to.

Seventh Crystal’s music is meant to be felt, to touch that raw and real spot where you can escape into another world and become completely immersed in the lyrics and melodic lines of each song. Are you ready to be taken on a musical journey?


Est. 2019


Kristian Fyhr – vox
Emil Dornerus – guitar
Gustav Linde – guitar
Olof Gadd – bass
Johan Älvsång – keys
Anton Roos – drums