What once started as a solo project, soon began to be too much for the songwriter Kristian Fyhr. With some written songs up his sleeve, it was believed to be too great for one man alone. As time passed, a guy named Johan Älvsång came by to buy an organ from Kristian. He sat down to try it, and as his fingers flew across the keys it was hard not to be impressed. And that sparked an idea, which led to Kristian asking if Johan would be interested in recording some songs. And yes, he was.

A late evening, not too long after this event, a fellow called Olof Gadd was out enjoying a beer, when he received a call from Kristian. He was not an alien, since they had met in the past. This spark of an idea that had emerged within Kristian had grown into something slightly bigger. And after this call, they were now a trio. The machine started to take form. Songs were written and recorded, and after a long night of discussions a name appeared: Seventh Crystal.

The songs were done. The recordings were on fire, but something was missing. It needed some magic. A magician with a guitar and another carrying drums. They all knew who these magicians might be. Anton Roos and Emil Dornerus took on the task and recorded the songs. It became clear: this was what they had missed. It now sounded like a band. 

It finally became just that in time for when Frontiers asked them to sign a long term, exclusive contract. The pencil was handed from man to man, as they all signed. Seventh Crystal was now a contracted band.

The recordings for the new album through Frontiers had already started years ago, when Kristian wrote the starting songs that the whole band finished together. There was actually no direct conversation about where they were headed musically. It just happened. They were all traveling in the same direction from the beginning.

Not long after the contract was signed, the album DELIRIUM came out for the world to encounter. It was spinning on every continent –  even though the band had not had a single gig yet. Through these years, the covid pandemic had followed the band as a shadow. Meetings and recordings had to be made from each member’s home to act in accordance with the restrictions.

The contract would sustain, and Frontiers asked for another album – which was already in progress. As the pandemic slipped into bygone days, another problem arose: they needed another guitarist for their future gigs.

And so it was, Antons old friend Gustav Linde took up the guitar to join the band and started the journey at NSL, recording the “Seventh Crystal Live at NSL”. The songs became a little more guitar based, but still kept the core that Seventh Crystal is famous for: Every band member got their own touch in the songs.

As the time flew by, the album was finished, awaiting to be released into the wild…

And as of the year 2023, Seventh Crystal is welcoming you to Wonderland.

Kristian Fyhr

Kristian Fyhr (born October 4, 1990) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.
Since 2019 Kristian is the lead singer of the Swedish rock band Seventh Crystal.

He took piano lessons while growing up in Gothenburg. In his early teens he started playing drums in a local blues band which led him to background singing and music production.
In his early 20s he hooked up with guitarist Peter Nordholm and Imre Daun from Don Patrol and Snöstorm. Later he was introduced to Lars “Dille” Diedricson who won the Eurovision Contest in 1999 with Take Me To Your Heaven. 

Peter, Imre and Lars took Kristian under their wings and pushed him into becoming a lead singer. For several years they played together in a band called 5 & a Half Men, playing songs from Foreigner, Pat Travers, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, The Rembrandts until Lars passed away.

Today Kristian has worked as songwriter and background singer for artists like GIANT, House Of Lords, First Signal (Harry Hess), Revolution Saints (Deen Castronovo) Groundbreaker (Steve Overland), Osukaru, Perpetual Etude, Find Me (Robbie LaBlanc) and many more.

Emil Dornerus

Emil Dornerus (born February 14, 1991) is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and musician. 

Emil started out with playing the cello when he was seven years old, but after discovering Iron Maiden on a televised music chart program called VOXPOP, Emil realized that he had to learn how to play the guitar. 

During the following years Emil listened to everything he could get his hands on in the rock and heavy metal genre and started to play and write songs in different local bands. His main influences during these years were Iron Maiden, Europe, Nocturnal Rites, Toto and In Flames.  During the high school years Emil developed an interest in other genres and expressions and played everything between hip hop, big band jazz and metal. He also developed an interest in music production. 

In his twenties he joined the Gothenburg pop-rock band Signs and Streetlights, later MINOH while getting his degree of Masters of Arts in primary education. The band stayed together for a couple of years and managed to play at a bunch of smaller venues in Northern Europe. Emil also co-wrote the last single “Future Light” which was released in 2016. 

Shortly after the band broke up Emil decided to move to Los Angeles to study music production for a year. 
After returning from L.A, Emil was approached by Kristian to track the guitars for the Seventh Crystal debut album. Emil became a full time member of the band in the spring of 2019. 

Gustav Linde

Gustav Linde (born 25 april, 1990) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Gustav joined Seventh Crystal as their second guitarist, in 2021 just before the release of their debut album Delirium. 

Gustav picked up the electric guitar when he was 9 years old but it was 5 years later when he heard Iron Maiden for the first time that he found the motivation to learn how to play.

During Gustavs music studies he started to play in a lot of different settings and genres. Playing everything between big band jazz, folk music, pop, reggae, hip hop to melodic death metal and alternative rock led to a lot of live performances at different venues, festivals in Sweden and in Europe and in national tv and radio. 

As a singer Gustav has been a part of the concert version of the Swedish musical “Kristina från Duvemåla” and has performed with Swedish artists like Måns Zelmerlöw and Sanna Nielsen. 

In his mid-twenties Gustav found his way back to his roots and started playing hard rock again. Since then he has been a part of different projects and bands as a songwriter, co-writer and guitarist.

Olof Gadd

Olof Gadd (born October 3, 1988) is a Swedish bassist, songwriter and musician. 

He started to play bass in a band called Larmet Går at the age of 7. Why the bass? Probably because he was the last person to enter the room to pick an instrument. And well, the fact that his father played the bass could have contributed to his choice of instrument. 

After some time, the band became more interested in playing indoor hockey than playing music and that was the end of Larmet Går. He continued to practice alone and kept himself busy with some smaller projects. But the age of garage bands started when he was 15 years old and the band ExTas dragged him in with the focus on songs similar to Metallica. At this time bands like Iron Maiden, Toto, Deep Purple and Ozzy Osbourne were top on his charts. 

In high school, ExTas soon dissolved but there were always bands in need of a bassist. Seven AM and Oh Jollity were bands amongst other projects in different genres, but mostly within the pop genre. 

He continued studying music in folk high school and later became a member of Human Habit and BoA, which made some progress in Swedish radio and commercials. Some time later he joined the newly founded The Diamond Man Clan with an americana rock orientation. There were shows in Sweden and tattoos were made by fans. After a while Osukaru was in need of a bassist, and he jumped on the train which took him on tours across Europe and Sweden. And standing on a stage was something he knew always had to be a part of his life . 

At one gig with Osukaru at Gothenburg City Festival a guy named Kristian Fyhr jumped in as keyboard player for the night’s show. This led to a call one evening out at Pustervik when he was asked to join a band. The answer was yes and this was the start of the trio Seventh Crystal.

Anton Roos

Anton Roos (born December 3rd, 1990) is a drummer from Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Anton started his musical journey by first playing the trumpet from age eight to fourteen. And that was when he saw Nicko McBrain play drums with Iron Maiden at the legendary Rock in Rio-concert 2001. He was instantly hooked, tossed the trumpet out the window and grabbed a pair of drumsticks instead.

Iron Maiden was the introduction of heavy metal and hard rock for Anton. The following years he dived into the world of heavy metal, hard rock and so on. Discovering everything from Metallica to the local Gothenburg heroes, In Flames.

During his high school years, he was introduced to different genres like funk, jazz, latin, folk etc. A bit weird at first but after a while he grew fond of that music as well. Although, never forgetting his roots. The different influences can be heard in Antons playing, at least he says so himself.

In late 2007, when he was 17 years old; Anton won the Swedish Drum Solo Champion-competition. That gave him an audition and later on the drum throne in the Swedish band Saffire. He was in the band between 2008-2019, recording three albums and performing live across Sweden together with the likes of Spiritual Beggars, The Night Flight Orchestra, Sebastian Bach and playing at festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Gothenburg Sound Festival, Skogsröjet, Metallsvenskan and Tons of Rock, to name a few.

While being a member in Saffire, Anton was involved in other musical projects.

He was a member of the melodic rock band Elevener and recorded the drums for their second album “Symmetry in Motion” which was released worldwide in 2011.

Anton was also a member of Signs & Streetlights (later Signs, later MINOH) and played together with Emil who now plays guitar in Seventh Crystal.

In 2013 Anton was asked to play drums for Gothenburg guitarist Paulo Mendonca. He did his debut gig together with him on national TV, playing a song called “Me and my friends” on the show called “Malou Efter Tio”. Anton then went on doing shows together with Paulo for two years. 

In 2019, when Anton quit Saffire he wanted to focus on recording for other artists. That didn’t go as quite as planned. Some tracks and albums were recorded but shortly after that he joined the arena rock band VNTER, playing with them for about six months before Kristian contacted him about recording drums for a project called “Seventh Crystal”. The rest is history. Anton quit VNTER and became a full time member of Seventh Crystal in the spring of 2019.